Occupy Perth & Real Democracy Australia 


On Saturday October 13, Occupy Perth and Real Democracy Australia, in co-operation with other local activist groups, will hold a street festival in the Perth Cultural Centre as part of the “GlobalNoise” international day of solidarity taking part in over 200 countries.

The event will begin at 6pm in the Perth Cultural Centre with a welcome to country and performances for the event will include bands, DJ’s, hip hop artists, saxophonists, poets and a variety of speakers talking on issues including the corruption of Town Planning under Barnett, The plight of Refugees, Data Retention/Online Privacy, SERCO and privatisation, Fracking in WA and other WA-based environmental issues.

The purpose of the event is two-fold, firstly to present the reality of a united global struggle, and also to highlight and fight against the corruption of democracy by big business interests both here at home and all across the globe.

Representatives of the following organisations have confirmed their intention to attend the event:

Animal Rights Australia, Defend Public Spaces (WA), Forrest Alliance (WA), No Fracking Way, Occupy Perth, Real Democracy Now (WA), Refugee Rights Action Network (WA), SERCO WATCH, Socialist Alliance, Stand Up For the Burrup, The Greens (WA), Urban Forrest Alliance (WA), Western Suburbs Alliance and the Unnamed Collective.

Quote: “Global Noise is about having our voices heard at a local, national and international level. There is now a series of global movements who are unified in their purpose – to end wealth inequality and take back control of our lives and political institutions from the hands of corporate interests and the ultra-wealthy” – Luke Skinner, spokesperson for Occupy Perth. There will be live-stream broadcasting from 6pm, which will be announced via the @OccupyPerth twitter account, as well as a twitter hashtag ‘#GlobalNoise’ for the international event. You can find out more about Occupy Perth at or like us on Facebook

Media Contacts:

Luke Skinner - 0422738541
Victoria Martin - 0410589064
Karun Cowper - 0423972949 –