Occupy Perth have been invited to bring the following proposal for an international day of action to our local assembly and aligned groups for endorsement and involvement.  Please check out the following and if it is of interest we invite you to come down to the Perth Cultural Centre outside the State Library of Western Australia at 11am on the 1st September to begin planning our involvement.

Please RSVP HERE - https://www.facebook.com/events/335391453220960/ - and share with your contacts!!

#globalNOISE was first proposed by spanish #15M activists and is now supported by many people & groups from the whole globe, for example from Interoccupy.org, Canada, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, Sudan, South Korea, Australia, London, USA, etc.

Its main goal is to create a feeling of solidarity between all the global movements (ie. #occupy #15m #yosoy132 #casseroles #G20 #Arabspring #russianrevolution #Sudanrevolts #greece #manifencours). We think this can be achieved by doing the same thing on the same day all over the world – making a lot of noise! For example by potbanging, music, shouting, singing, … (It doesn’t have to be limited to 1 day – imagine we make noise on lots of different protests all over the world, united as #globalNOISE.)

Why #globalNOISE?

The pot banging, a.k.a. casserole march, may seem an uninteresting action on the surface. It might be more interesting if we were to coordinate an energy-blackout, some sort of online protest or hack, or a boycott that would more directly affect the savage system of capitalism. In fact, if you have ideas, please post them here(external link) for future actions.
But, a casserole march is not an imposition, but only just one example. It’s one idea out of of many that we can do. It is more important that we begin to think together and plan and agree on an action, any action, like this casserole, or a flashmob, or all run naked into the street!And perhaps, #globalNOISE could be a simple way to create and improve a system of coordination and communication that will be required for future actions. Additionally, a global action such as a casserole march could be a basic way of creating the global awareness that makes the public realize there is a global movement that shares common interests and that will fight the scam of the capitalist system.

13 OCTOBER is being proposed internationally as the date for the event, because  there is already an initiative calling for another big celebration of an anniversary on that date.

Together, our grassroots movements and organizations can create a single global action realized locally with worldwide effect.